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Introducing...... Wordsmith Principal Mike Imirie



Wordsmith, LLC

A full-service company specializing in finished, representative communications: the kind which fit your needs....and drive your success in reaching others.

My  name is Mike Imirie.  I’m a career communications specialist and a  lifelong believer in the remarkable power of words.  I live and work in  Troy, Michigan, but – through the magic of those far-reaching Internet  electrons – serve clients across the country.  

Like so many other writers who got started at the hands of that zealous Mrs. Whatley back in 6th  grade English (!), I’m passionate about rescuing mangled syntax,  resuscitating exhausted punctuation marks, demanding that subjects and  verbs agree, and repairing words and phrases which have suffered serious  injury along the way.  

Using  the many tools in my writer’s toolbox and the kind of English language  discernment which comes from 30 years in the field, my job is to make  your message just as clear….and just as compelling…as it can be.


Wordsmith, LLC  is a writing shop driven by the talents and energies of Mike Imirie.  With more than 30 years’ experience in internal communications and  newsletter publishing, Mike has developed successful materials for  audiences across the board - business, labor, affinity groups,  historical organizations, the public, board members…even his old Shih  Tzu!  

He has written brochures, news releases, website content, newsletters, organizational histories and even a stage play!  Feature writing is the kind of work in which Mike delivers the most value.

The project he’s proudest of was an anecdotal history of Ford’s first 50 years  in the business of designing and building automatic transmissions….a  complex work commissioned by Ford’s Transmission Design community in  2001. Shaped by 11 months of historical research, generous  photo support, and interviews with stakeholders to weave the 5-decade  history together, it broke new historical ground at Ford. 

His  career responsibilities have been varied, but the motivation to use and  to encourage clear, inviting communications has been the constant. Mike’s  many experiences in the field have shaped a skill set that led to him  to create Wordsmith, LLC, upon his retirement from Ford in 2008.